UPDATE: May 4, 2016
I am still awaiting approval from DND Intellectual Property.
I submitted over 200 different designs for approval and we all know how fast the wheels of government move. I hope they get it done soon I miss working on them.
I made less than $5.00 per plate and due to a lot of lost plates in shipping last year I was in the red considerably; so much so I considered shutting down for good.

DND wants 5% of future profits. Therefore, when I get back up and running again there will be a slight increase in the price of my plates plus I will be shipping them with tracking numbers which will bump up the shipping costs too.  Sorry but I have to reduce/eliminate the shipping losses.

I am in the process of rectifying the issues that caused me to close down my business in January.

If all goes well then I should be back up and taking orders again very soon.

I would like to thank all those that have been emailing and FaceBooking me with their praises, concerns and wishes for one of my plates.


Effective 2015 Don's Military Vanity Plates will be produced and sold under approval and licensing from DND Intellectual Property in accordance with: